Kevin Zegers

30 Sep

Hottie Kevin Zegers from ‘Zoom’ and ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ is supposedly going to be on ‘Gossip Girl‘. says that his character is Jenny’s new Hottie. I was wondering what the hell happened to Jenny. She’s only had a few superficial seconds on camera this season. Normally I would be grateful but I’m already getting sick of Serena, Dan  and the ugly chick, and most of all Vanessa and that fugly grease-o who plays Dan and Jenny’s half-bro. Actually, the story line I’m least interested in is Nate’s  love affair with the girl from the canceled CW series ‘Privileged’ (Joanna Garcia). Romeo & Juliet they are Not. Maybe Zegers (My Hottie of the Day) will add the much needed excitement and suspense that Season 3 of ‘Gossip Girl‘ is seriously lacking.

P.S. When the fuck are we going to get a glimpse at Serena’s dad? I have a feeling he’s going to be a hottie but I’m crossing my fingers he’s not a blondie.


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