Three Rivers

1 Oct

First I should let you know that my only reason in “promoting” certain shows and movies is because I’m trying to support the Hotties. That being said, ‘Three Rivers‘ is some new drama on CBS that takes place in a hospital. What makes this show so different from all the other hospital shows is the fact that it’s an Organ Transplant Hospital! It looks okay I guess. I wouldn’t even give it a chance except for the fact that it co-stars (he’s in the cast) Super Eurasian Hottie DANIEL HENNEY! Ahhhhh. I think he looks like David Muir…it David Muir were Asain. Since CBS was smart enough to cast Daniel Henney I will watch every single episode of ‘Three Rivers’. But if it sucks I’m just going to fast-forward to the scenes with Hottie Henney.

PS. Henney plays the super hottie Agent ‘Zero’ in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’. It’s definitely worth renting.

But if you rent, try Netflix (If I could marry netflix I would! I have never had a single problem with them. One time, I was so satisfied with their service I called to let them know.) or try Redbox (it’s only a $1 a day, you can go to their website and find out what locations have it in stock and if you want to you can reserve it online. If you choose to go to Blockbuster I feel as though I should warn you…it is overpriced, the employees are rude (except for the Coit/Beltline location…those employees are fucking wonderful), the discs are dirty and skip, sometimes I would go Tuesday morning when the new releases come out, I would get a new disc and it would still skip. And finally, if you have a late fee, after a certain number of days (30 or something) the fee is automatically charged to your credit/debit card!

I;m just trying to look out for my fans. That was a joke. Ho one reads this.


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