Sam Bradford

18 Oct

I honestly don’t give a shit about sports…Unless, there are hot guys.  The sports with the most hotties (in my opinion)  are (in order): European Futbol (Soccer), Swimming (Olympic Level), College Football, (Pro) Basketball. Ooh, and lately, Tennis (But only the really good players). I find Talent to be extremely sexy…And not just Athletic Talent.  Almost anything that a person can be amazing at I find Hot. That excludes stuff I think is gross, weird, dangerous, illegal (well?), and wrong (in my opinion, of course).  One thing I find oddly sexy is when a tough, strong, super hottie shows vulnerability.  I’m talking about a moment when weaknesses show.  If you know of Cristiano Ronaldo then you have probably seen him crying like a baby at some point while he’s on the pitch. The first time I saw this sexy beast bawl like a little girl  was during the 2006 World Cup…I thought it was so sweet. Now I know better. In Crissy’s case, crying as much as he does, throwing himself all over the place, is just childish and not sexy. Then there are super hotties like Sam Bradford.  I only watched the game (OU vs. Texas) today because of  Bradford.  Watching him re-injure his shoulder was so sad…after he went down I changed the channel. I couldn’t watch…moments like that I will never find sexy…Seeing something (in this case I’m referring to his Football Season) shattered (even if only for a moment) is heartbreaking. I’m praying soooo hard  for a fast full-recovery…He’s too talented, young and crazy sexy to be stuck injured on the sidelines.


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