Dave Franco

24 Oct

I’m watching this semi-shitty movie called ‘The Shortcut‘ and I notice a semi-familiar face…he looks and sounds somewhat like super hottie James Franco…I go to imdb and it turns out he is James Franco. JK. He’s James Franco’s little brother…His Name…Dave Franco. He’s smaller, a lot younger, but still a hottie. He’s going on the list. Also, ‘The Shortcut’ is worth watching if you don’t mind awful writing but pretty decent acting…honesly, considering what the poor bastards have to work with, the acting is pretty good. The movie’s plot however, is a fucking nightmare. I would be embarassed that I rented this except for the fact that no one saw me rent it and it only cost $1…Thankyou RedBox! and RIP Blockbuster (I wish).


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