David Muir and Tyson Ballou

24 Oct

In my honest opinion, David Muir and Tyson Ballou are the two hottest men I have ever seen.  I dare the universe to show me a sexier man. Heres Hoping. PS. Sorry I havn’t been posting lately, I would say I’ve been busy but that’s a lie…I’ve just been lazy and uninspired. I did see a fucking gorgeous gentleman at Central Market the other day. He was really pretty and he was dressed so  nicely. I’m a sucker for a properly dressed man in a tailored suit. Ahhh, I wish men would take the time to learn about fashion…not to be trendy or necessarily fashionable, but for women. A man who is average looking but well dressed is so much sexier than a hottie with a baggy suit. How I love tailored suits…and dress shirts a little ruffled and unbuttoned… a la David Muir. I just love men. I could never choose just one. I need one for every day of the week. OOOOhhhh, thats genius!!!!!


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