David Muir NEW 20/20

24 Oct

FYI: The ‘New Episode’ I linked below is the correct link but ABC hasnt put last nights episode up yet…I’m really sorry…try back later…the correct episode is the ’20 Questions/Freakanomics’ or something like that…again, sorry.
David Muir has been M.I.A. lately. Sure he pops up every now and then but I’m not satisfied. I’m like a junkie who needs her fix. I miss the usual 5:30 ‘World News Saturday’ that college football has ripped from my life. Oh, how I long for those days again. ABC, can you do another 2 hour special where David Muir investigates Aliens or something? Anything! He’s just so pretty and I feel like you’ve been hiding him away. Show the goods! At least last night the gods were smiling upon me…David Muir had a brief little story at the end of 20/20’s 20 Questions special… At least those bastards knew to save the best for last. Here’s the full episode on ABC…It’s pretty interesting…But if you don’t care about ‘Freakanomics’, fast forward to the end where hottie Muir does his bit.


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