Vampire Weekend CONTRA

29 Oct

The same way that Karl Lagerfeld’s personality made me appreciate Fashion, Woody Allen’s ‘Annie Hall’ got me interested in film, and Andy Warhol’s life made me realize I couldn’t spend mine doing anything other than being an Artist…Vampire Weekend (and Beethoven) made me a true Fan of Music. I could listen to VW’s ‘Arrows’ every day for the rest of my life. So naturally, I’ve been counting down the days until CONTRA’s release…1/11/2010 UK and 1/12/2010 US…Lucky UK bastards (no offense, I’m just a jealous hater…and I can admit it!). Fortunately, you can listen to (the first single?) ‘Horchata’ from their sophomore album CONTRA on the band’s website…you can also download it for free!…I know that this site is about hotties and not about my taste in music etc…BUT, Hottie Rostam Batmanglij is one of my top five so I think it’s appropriate for me to do my part in promoting anything he has a hand in that I know/care about (he’s the producer/keyboardist). Have you ever listened to a song and you could swear that you’ve heard it before? Or, have you ever heard a song a sighed because so many other songs sound just like it and you begin to think that all great music lies in he past? Vampire Weekend make me think that the famous saying “…there is no new thing under the sun.” is wrong. And yes I know that’s from a Bible verse…I’m trying to make a point…Vampire Weekend has a sound unlike any other and unlike any music I’ve heard before.
PS. If you like music and making playlists you should try BLIP.FM…It’s great.


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