OOOOPS David Muir B-Day Correction

9 Nov

I swear I made the ‘Happy Birthday David Muir’ post on his birthday, November 8th. But,  my stoopid blog is all wonky and it says I posted it today November 9th at 1:21am…That’s a fucking lie! haha. Seriously, I need to figure out how to fix the time thingy. Sorry to the millions who now think that the most beautiful man on ABC (and in the world! ) was born on the 9th…I’m so ashamed…I got the news about the news man wrong! jk. It was wordpress’ fault.

PS. I have soooo many new hotties to add to the list, I’m just waiting for the time to strike. OMG! I’m watching ‘The Weekly World News with Charles Gibson’ and guess who I see? DAVID MUIR! Ahhh! ‘m pulling my hair out! I love you! He’s reporting on that hair-pulling (that’s what I’m doing! It’s a sign!) soccer player (Lambert) and now it’s over…short but sweet.


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