New THREE RIVERS Sunday, Dec 6

30 Nov

Sooo, I’m pretty f*ing annoyed…Not only is my new staple show ‘Three Rivers’ not on tonight because CBS is playing some dumb ‘Dog at Christmas’ shit but Football season has yet again ruined my plans for sitting in bed watching television! UGH! I hate football…not European Futbol, that’s the best f*ing sport on the planet…Super hot guys running around getting sweaty and when they win (or lose) they rip off their shirts! Lame-O Football is just a bunch of fuggos whose bods I can’t check out because all the padding, I cant get a look at their faces because of their helmets and a single game (including the pre-show and after-show) lasts like 6 hours…its so f*ing stupid. OH, and college football ruins my scheduled 5:30pm News half-hour with David Muir (He does the ‘World News Saturday’ report on ABC at 5:30pm/c)…Hottie David Muir still does the ‘World News Webcast’ weekdays (I’m not sure about weekends), you can watch it on ABC’s website. I can’t wait for Football Season and stupid Christmas Specials like ‘Charlie Brown’ to be over…GAG.
PS. Next SUNDAY (DEC 6th) NEW ‘THREE RIVERS’ on CBS at 8pm/c (remember: CBS is run by a bunch of dorks who can’t stick to a schedule so if it’s not on don’t freak out, it’ll come on…Daniel Henney is worth the wait!)


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