Super Hottie Batmanglij in ‘COUSINS’ video

1 Dec

OMG! Hottie Batmanglij is looking crazy beautiful in Vampire Weekends new ‘Cousins’ video (their new album CONTRA will be released 1/11/10 UK and 1/12/10 US)…I have the biggest crush on him! I wonder how tall he is? He’s prolly 4′ 3″ and has baby George Costanza hands but he’s soooo fucking talented (so are the other members of the band)…Okay, even if it turns out he’s only 4′ 3″, has baby George Costanza hands, a glass eye and owns the world’s largest shot glass collection he would still be in my top 5. I know that doesn’t make any since baby hands make me want to barf and short guys make me sad…BUT…there is one thing that can make all that sexy (in theory…the closest example I have would be Seth Meyers (but he has great hands) and Tyler Labine (Both are fucking hilarious) is talent. Athletes don’t really count because it’s a physical thing and eventually it goes when the hot bod goes. Basically, I want some guy who’s still sexy when he’s 85 and since that does not physically exist in the actual world (I’m guessing) it’s who he is on the (I can’t believe I’m actually saying/typing this)…inside. Yes, It’s true, I care whats on the inside…(gulp) more than whats on the outside…because in the end it’s all you’ve got. Now, I feel bad. I started this post talking about how Beautiful Batmanglij is getting more handsome by the second and somehow morphed it into some creepy confession. Barf. I feel gross. I hope Hottie Batmanglij doesn’t read this. jk. I would love that (you have to sing that sentence). Anyways, I’ve said enough. Watch Vampire Weekend’s new video ‘COUSINS‘, buy the album (1/11/10UK and 1/12/10US), pray I don’t have a heart attack (If you don’t pray then please wish on a star or a birthday candle or something for me…I’d do it for you…actually, don’t waste a birthday wish…but a stars cool…My BFF actually got me a star for my bday a few years ago, it’s in Orion’s belt and her name is ‘LUCKY’…that was just a fun fact…fun for me, a fact for you)…what the fuck was I saying? Um…Oh yeah, Beautiful Batmanglij…if you ever read this…even if you weren’t so beautiful on the outside, your talent (for making the some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard…aka ‘M79’ and ‘Arrows’) would earn you a spot in my top 5…maybe not the top 5 but at least somewhere on the list…eventually. JK. PS. Ezra is crazy hott too! CRAZY hott! PPS. I also like the Chris with the crazy eyebrows…hot. PPS. I heart AC Milan.


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