Bill Hader…RATS! and CONGRATS!

5 Jan

I’m watching the ‘Late Show with Jimmy Fallon’ and Bill Hader is his guest (I have no idea how old this episode is…sorry). The only reason I even stopped on this channel is because I saw Bill Hader…I L-O-V-E him! Turns out he’s married and has a little girl! He just said she’s 3 months old but I’m not sure if this is a new episode. I need to start doing more research on my Hotties…I honestly had no idea that he’s married (and that he’s been married since 2006)…CRAZY! Anyways, his wife is really cute and he’s amazing so I won’t take him off my list or be sad because that would be weird and I’m trying to not be such a creep in 2010.

I just did FACT CHECK and tonights Late Night is New so the above information in current! yay


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