Did I Know Eddie Cibrian Was/Is On CSI:Miami?

12 Jan

I’m losing my mind. I can’t say it’s the Holidays because they’re over…but they messed me up. Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful Vacation…it’s just that I’m having trouble re-adjusting to having to wake up, bathe, put on clean clothes etc. Anyways, I think I posted this some time ago but I’m unsure so I will do it again.

Eddie Cibrian is on CSI:Miami (CBS Mondays @ 9pm/C)! His imdb page lists him in at least 12 episodes so that’s a plus. I’m pretty sure that you can only watch CSI:Miami (and all other CBS shows) online at CBS.com but that may have changed during the holidays. I have a lot of research (hahaha) and catching up to do but I’ll get back on track…eventually.  Happy Monday!

PS. Check out Charles Barkley on SNL… You can watch the full length episode at NBC.com or Hulu.com…if you’re interested. Charles Barkley is fecking hilarious (and on my list) so this PS is relevant.


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