New DVD Release: ‘FAME’ Available 1/12/10

12 Jan

FAME‘! Finally!  The “modern” remake of the “classic” 1980s musical is finally available for take-home use. That sounds gross. What I mean is that I can finally watch it (legally) in the comfort of  my home (actually, my parents home…ouch). If you feel like owning the DVD, both Best Buy and Target have it for $16.99 (regular DVD style) and $24.99 (Blu-Ray). If you don’t feel like making that sort of commitment  I suggest you visit your local RedBox ($1/ day). You can go to their website and find local redboxes with the titles you’re looking for (you can even reserve movies online). I’m in love with RedBox. Netflix is another brilliant option unless you like instant gratification…to make sure the Netflix DVD you want is in your mailbox the day it comes out requires some planning… or you can go to blockbuster and pay $2.99 (each, for New Releases/ $.99 each, “Additional Daily Rate”)…barf.
PS. Another option I will be looking into is Roxio:CinemaNow…I will let you know when I know.


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