‘Sons of Tucson’…DON’T MISS IT!

8 Mar

I’m sorry I’ve been so lax with posting…a guess a better worth would be lazy but i just wasn’t inspired…until now! I have been a HUGE Tyler Labine fan ever since he provided some comic relief in the now canceled ABC drama ‘Invasion’ with Eddie Cibrian…and ever since the CW canceled ‘Reaper’ I’ve been in a deep depression…that is until I saw a commercial for FOX’s new comedy series ‘Sons of Tucson‘ starring the one and only Tyler Labine. Although the show doesn’t officially air until March 14th you can watch the pilot on casttv.com (one of the three websites I said would change your life).
The premise for ‘Sons of Tucson’ may seem a little outlandish but it works oh-so-well. The show moves quickly, it’s funny, Labine is genius and the three young actors cast to play his ‘Sons’ are a perfect fit! The family dynamics between the three brothers is a comedy within a comedy…my favorite is the psycho youngest child Robbie! This is my new favorite show! enjoy!

PS. Please ignore what I said about the three young actors portraying the ‘Sons’…they only appear in the pilot…actually the one who plays the middle child got to keep his job…he’s pretty funny so I’ll allow it.


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