Zac Efron is ‘Charlie St. Cloud’

17 May

That is a stoopid title…for anything…BUT…it’s got Zac Efron so it could be called ‘DuckFart’ and I would still see it. I’m a little mature to have a thing for the F-Ron but he is really Pretty. He showed up in my dreams once (I was on a huge  ’17 Again’ bender). Anyways, He gave me a pair of these really adorable strappy sandals that fell apart (crumbled) as I put them on…wtf does that mean? Besides that I’m an efing weirdo. Whatever. The Movie is called ‘Charlie St. Cloud‘ it looks goode enough…if it’s got a hot  guy ‘they will come’ (that was lame…I’m not sorry) and this one has got a Super Hottie so if you feel like watching a sad movie about two brothers where one dies and the other plays baseball with his ghost until the ghost gets mad because the other brother is falling in love and trying to reclaim what little sanity he has left and rebuild his life etc. so he has to choose between playing baseball in the forest with a ghost or sailing around the world with his new love before he goes off to college…what will he choose?  ‘Charlie St. Cloud‘ is in theaters July 30, 2010.


One Response to “Zac Efron is ‘Charlie St. Cloud’”

  1. SpicyTeethForBones May 22, 2010 at 1:43 PM #

    This movie sounds EPIC

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