‘Three Rivers’ is BACK…Sort of

5 Jun

Three Rivers‘ is the awful CBS (transplant hospital) drama that was canceled earlier this year. I’m not going to lie…it sucks…but it’s got Super Hottie Daniel Henney and Alex O’Loughlin (the Hottie from that  JLo movie ‘The Back-Up Plan’) so it’s bearable. I wouldn’t even have known that CBS decided to go ahead and air the remaining 3 episodes (since they were already taped and paid for…and it’s not like anyone’s watching CBS anyways) if it weren’t for the wonderful and amazing CASTTV.COM…they put a little green circle next to each “current TV show”…and I noticed that ‘Three Rivers’ had it’s green circle back! (it is a canceled series but since it has new episodes airing it gets the “current TV show” status).  If you are interested, you can watch it Saturday at 7:00PM/CT on CBS.


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