Today’s Top Ten

15 Oct

It’s been a long day and all my posts (saved drafts) are shit and I don’t feel like doing any research (“creating”  links) on any hotties so this  is what I decided I can do. Barely. Bear with me. Stupid. Here we go…

Today’s  Top Ten:

1. David Muir (duh)
2. Andrew Garfield (damn!)
3. This really hot guy I saw driving today…so hot!
4. Brian Williams (old hot guy…he’s funny)
5. Chris O’Dowd (‘The IT Crowd’)
6. James Wolk (Actor…SOOOO Hot…his IMDB trivia is worth skimming)
7. Max Minghella (‘Elvis and Annabelle‘ is now on DVD and worth watching…if you’re bored.)
8. Hottie Rostam Batmanglij!!! (new song link…shout out!)
9. Common (‘Just Wright‘…so/so)
10. Jon Hamm (‘Mad Men’, ’30 Rock’, etc.)

I changed my mind and decided I was in the mood to add links…but that’s all. I’m not trying to be a jerk.  I’m just in a funk. A 26 year funk! bam!


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