31 Oct

Don’t Miss David Muir (and Randi Zuckerberg…sister of Mark Zuckerberg)’s Election Day broadcast! The Muister (that’s what I’m calling the David these days) and Lady Zuckerberg will be reporting live from ASU’s town hall. According to Lady Zuckerberg’s Twitter page we will be able to watch the live coverage on ABC and/or on Facebook. Election Day 2010 coverage begins Monday on ABC. I would add more but it’s Halloween and this bitch is going trick-or-treating!

PPS. Shout out to Chrissy…Have fun on your first Halloween in NYC! Shout out to Spike…You might want to tether Chrissy to you or a street lamp or something so you don’t lose her…And make sure it’s a thick rope so she can’t gnaw through it. Jk. I Love you both! Have Fun! Be Safe!

PS. David Muir, what happened to the black and white helicopter muscle pic on your twitter page? It was hot!


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