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Happy Birthday David Muir!

8 Nov

I can’t believe I forgot that today (November 8th, 2011) is David Muir’s 38th Birthday! I only remembered because he tweeted about it. This truly is so embarrassing. I’ve been a horrible Muir Lover…but NO MORE! I’m ushering in a new movement! The Muir Movement! Years from now they will ask, “What inspired you? How did you do it?” And I will reply, “I almost forgot David Muir’s birthday and from then on, I never let a second pass that I wasn’t fully present.” Hahaha WTF? Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE (David Muir)!


‘Super 8’ Was So Great

10 Jun

This is my first post in like 4 months…I saw ‘Bridesmaids’ (on Monday), ‘X-Men: First Class'(on Wednesday), and ‘Super 8‘ (today, Friday, June 10, 2011) this week (vaycay, bay-bay…I’m on vacation and in my spare time I like to do nothing aka seeing movies, watching tv, and having mini parties. The mini party is the new thing and I highly recommend it…get some drinks, balloons, water guns, fireworks, costumes, and invite 2-4 people to join you…it is literally so much fun.) where was I? Oh yeah, of the three “films” I saw this week 1 was funny, 1 was a major let down and 1 got me blogging again for (as I mentioned earlier in this paragraph) the first time in like 4 months. No, I’m not talking about the waste of $25 X-Men: First Class Sucks Ass. I’m talking about ‘Super 8’.

If you, like me, think that J.J. Abrams is…well…sucks. Then you, like me, will be SHOCKED that this was written and directed by the same man who turned ‘Lost’ into poop. The first season was great but the rest was a waste of time, money, and I would say talent but…you get my drift.  I’m also going to mention ‘Cloverfield’ because I really got excited about that movie (I am embarrassed about that but I feel as though this is a space/place where I can be honest) and the ending was so stoopid I tried to get my money back (not really but I’m trying to make a point).  This is not meant to be a critique of J.J. Abrams’ body of work…I will get to ‘Super 8’…right after I complain about J.J. a little more (If you don’t care about this part I give you permission…ha…like you need my permission…to skip ahead to the next paragraph). Okay, I lost my place again…ah ha…other than a few of Mr. Abrams past works (‘Felicity’, ‘Regarding Henry’, ‘Armageddon’, and Joyride (KIDDING)) that are great, some crap in the middle that no one cares about and the ones that made me absolutely fucking crazy because he built it up and I was so excited and then it crashed and burned and sucked so hard I would’ve hated him if I were the kind of person who would hate someone over tv shows and movies made for entertainment…which I am (sadly…sort of…I don’t know how I feel about it) so I did until I saw this movie. Now begins my ‘Super 8’ adventure.

Being the spawn of Mr. Abrams would usually put this film directly on my “Things to Do That Will Make You Hate Yourself After You’ve Done Them” list (that doesn’t really exist but I think it’s funny and thus, I shall make one!) but it stars a man so lovely that I would tell David Muir to “eat shit” (and then I would throw poop in his face…David, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. I’m trying to make a point (again)) if it meant that all of this beautiful actor’s works were available instantly on Netflix. That’s intense. I have David Muir right there in front of me and I tell him to eat shit and throw poop on him just so I can watch Mr. Beautiful on Netflix. After thinking it over, I’m 100% positive I would not do that but it’s fun to pretend. Like David Muir would be sad that I don’t really love him. Sorry David, I don’t know you. I love your face but…this is getting weird…you guys should see my diary! Hahaha. Back to reality…Kyle Chandler is so pretty that my disgust for J.J. Abrams was trumped (I believe Mr. Trump and I have the same motto: “Sex Sells”) and I saw ‘Super 8’ opening day.

‘Super 8’ was NOT what I expected. It was great. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I ONLY saw this movie because I knew Kyle Chandler’s (the Coach on NBC’s ‘Friday Night Lights’) hotness would trump the crap ending I was expecting. I was SO wrong and I do NOT like to admit (or even entertain the idea) that I am/was wrong. This film was good. If it weren’t for Chandler I would never have seen this movie so whoever cast him I would like to say “Thank You”. And to Mr. J.J. Abrams, this film was beautiful. It was (as my brother pointed out) advertised wrong (insert a fancier word for wrong). I would call this a family film…appropriate for ages 8 and up (there is some cursing, minors breaking a few minor laws and lying to their parents, some drug use…but it is shown only briefly and in a negative light…it’s funny). Unlike some of Mr. Abrams other works, ‘Super 8’ is a beautifully written and directed (seriously, the cinematography is…for a film’s title to be an actual type of old film it was filmed beautifully…that doesn’t make sense. I’m tired of “writing” and I’m thinking like an idiot instead of an artist. I’m trying to say (but not so stoopidly) that titleing the film (I’m calling this movie a film…mad respect) ‘Super 8’ and actually filming it in such a way…it’s romantic almost…nostalgic…it is perfect.  The story itself is unlike what I’m used to coming from Mr. Abrams. It is a complete story with an actual ending. An ending from J.J. Abrams? Yes! And, all the shit in the middle isn’t shit! It’s an actual film. It’s great. It’s suspenseful and sad and scary and funny and in the end it all comes together and it ends. I fucking loved it!

SPOILER ALERT!!!! scroll down

You see “it’s” face…and it isn’t disappointing…in my opinion…but this is all just my opinion

Josh Duhamel and Life as We Know It

13 Feb

First, Josh Duhamel, you are a God…you are sexy and sexy and sexy but for fuck’s sake get a new facial expression…you have like 4 and in  the movie ‘Life As We Know It’ you used all of them to death…especially the “I’m thinking really hard about what I’m thinking” face…other than your acting skills you are perfect…oh and there’s that whole dumped your fiance once you got famous thing (not Fergie). Anyways, we’ve all made mistakes and have skeletons in our closets…I have gross weird stuff  in mine so I am not judging anyone.

Now for the movie, ‘Life as We Know It’…it’s L—–O—–N—–G, predictable, sad, so sad, predictable, sad, predictable, and boring. If you have absolutely nothing to do and nothing else to watch then go ahead and commit 17 hours to watching this. I only watched it all the way through (it took me 4 days…scratch that…I started it Tuesday and have been watching bits and pieces…I’ll watch it until I get sad or pissed and pause it for later…it’s now 2:53pm on Sunday and I’m only 1 hour and 14 minutes in…kill me!) back to what I was saying…I’m only watching this garbage all the way through because I quit on a lot of things and I decided that I won’t let movies (one of the top 5 loves of my life after Dark Kitty, Sexy Men, TV, and Naps)  be on that list…so no matter how bad I will watch any and all movies I begin all the way through to the end.  But I will be  very honest and let everyone know that this movie is killing my spirit and I just want to watch ‘Rugrats in Paris’, play Jellybean Jellybean (that’s where you get a partner and a box of those Bean Boozled JellyBelly’s and each person gets the same color bean (one is a yummy flavor and the other will make you barf…its a game of luck…you each get the same color bean and on the count of three you eat it…one of you will smile and the other will squeal), bathe and go to bed.

So, Good Afternoon to you and unless you love the Duhamel don’t watch this garbage (‘Life As We Know It’)…and if you do don’t say I didn’t warn you!

David Muir in AZ

18 Jan

He’s so sexy…He’s so sleepy.

I can’t figure out how to post the video so HERE is the link (

PS. I know this post is garbage. Sorry.


7 Nov

Welcome to The Gun Show!  Here are a few NEW  pics of David Muir’s Biceps  from the ASU Town Hall meeting (Nov. 2, 2010) pre-show…YOU ARE WELCOME!

PS. Don’t forget that tomorrow (Mon. Nov.8, 2010) is the Super Hottie David Muir’s 37th Birthday! It’s David Muir Monday!

Happy Birthday David Muir!

6 Nov

Don’t forget to wish David Muir a Happy Birfday! The most beautiful Anchor Man of All Time turns 37 on Monday (this Monday!), November 8th, 2010!!!!! Here is a link to his Facebook page so you can tell him how much you love him and how much his expert reporting (and talents in uncovering the truth!) has changed your life (for the better). It’s David Muir Monday, people!

Timothy Olyphant

2 Nov

Also Known As ‘The Office’ Hottie! I NEVER found this man to be attractive until NBC told me he was. What is that called? Anyways, now I can’t stop looking at him. I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean. I watched ‘The Crazies’ on Halloween and I’m still a little shaken up. That’s another lie. It was scary but not not life-altering scary like ‘Wolf Creek’…that was a scary movie!  Back to my subject…Timothy Olyphant…you’ve seen his face a million times in all sorts of movies etc. and if you’re like me you overlooked him (maybe even thought he was a little fugly) until  BAM! He’s a miracle hottie on ‘The Office’. He has this David-Muir-News-Anchor-meets-45-year-old-paper-salesman-look. It’s promising. Please watch ‘The Office’ Thursdays on NBC and let me know what you think of Timothy Olyphant. (Not really…But I wouldn’t mind if someone told me about a new hottie!)  You can catch up on old episodes via the fabulous and LIFE ALTERING If you love television as much as I do than this site will rock your world. That was probably the saddest statement I have ever made. Who says rock your world? Don’t look at me! And don’t forget to watch David Muir’s Live at ASU Election Coverage 2010…you can watch on ABC and FACEBOOK…Whoa!