31 Oct

Don’t Miss David Muir (and Randi Zuckerberg…sister of Mark Zuckerberg)’s Election Day broadcast! The Muister (that’s what I’m calling the David these days) and Lady Zuckerberg will be reporting live from ASU’s town hall. According to Lady Zuckerberg’s Twitter page we will be able to watch the live coverage on ABC and/or on Facebook. Election Day 2010 coverage begins Monday on ABC. I would add more but it’s Halloween and this bitch is going trick-or-treating!

PPS. Shout out to Chrissy…Have fun on your first Halloween in NYC! Shout out to Spike…You might want to tether Chrissy to you or a street lamp or something so you don’t lose her…And make sure it’s a thick rope so she can’t gnaw through it. Jk. I Love you both! Have Fun! Be Safe!

PS. David Muir, what happened to the black and white helicopter muscle pic on your twitter page? It was hot!


Today’s Top Ten

15 Oct

It’s been a long day and all my posts (saved drafts) are shit and I don’t feel like doing any research (“creating”  links) on any hotties so this  is what I decided I can do. Barely. Bear with me. Stupid. Here we go…

Today’s  Top Ten:

1. David Muir (duh)
2. Andrew Garfield (damn!)
3. This really hot guy I saw driving today…so hot!
4. Brian Williams (old hot guy…he’s funny)
5. Chris O’Dowd (‘The IT Crowd’)
6. James Wolk (Actor…SOOOO Hot…his IMDB trivia is worth skimming)
7. Max Minghella (‘Elvis and Annabelle‘ is now on DVD and worth watching…if you’re bored.)
8. Hottie Rostam Batmanglij!!! (new song link…shout out!)
9. Common (‘Just Wright‘…so/so)
10. Jon Hamm (‘Mad Men’, ’30 Rock’, etc.)

I changed my mind and decided I was in the mood to add links…but that’s all. I’m not trying to be a jerk.  I’m just in a funk. A 26 year funk! bam!

Logan Marshall Green in ‘Devil’

16 Sep

I avoided seeing ‘Lady in the Water’ because the critics said it was awful. Then, one day, somehow, I ended up watching it and when it was over I went out and bought it. I learned 2 things that day: #1 Ignore what the critics say (except Ebert) and #2 M. Night Shyamalan is a brilliant storyteller. So, when I saw the trailer for ‘Devil‘ (story) written by M. Night and (co-) starring the perfect Logan Marshall Green I peed my pants…just a little…this isn’t ‘Devil’ starring David Muir.  ‘Devil‘ finally comes to theatres on Friday, September 17th, 2010…I just  realized that’s tomorrow! Shit! I have to go to bed if I’m going to wake up earlier enough to make it to an 11:20am showtime. I’m done for now.

ps. ‘Devil’ is only 80 minutes! Cha-Chang!

Rostam Batmanglij in Converse Ad

16 Sep

I thought that giant head looked familiar…I’m not sure how old this video/ad is but  it’s got Batmanglij!!!! He’s getting hotter!!!!


15 Jul

In celebration of BP (jerks!) “successfully” capping the oil leak in the Gulf….I present…to you (Loyal Hottie Lovers)…drum roll please…David…Muir’s…BICEPS!

p.s. the David has been sporting this short-sleeved-style for a couple weeks (at least) but the issues he was/is reporting on while wearing his short-sleeved look are serious and I didn’t feel comfortable reducing human suffering to “omg look at the hottie with a body”…I hope you can all forgive me for withholding the Hotttness…I’ll try to not do it again.

‘The Gates’ and ‘Louie’

5 Jul

aka my 2 new favorite shows.  At first I was completely turned off by another vampire blah blah blah…but then I watched an episode of ‘The Gates‘ (ABC /Sunday nights) and I’m OBSESSED! Yes, there are a couple vampires and what I think are werewolves but there are also succubi (demons in female form), witches, murder, mystery, and…HOTTIES! So far, my favorite Hottie is “Dylan Radcliff” played by Luke Mably (English, the Prince from ‘The Prince & Me’ films) who I thought was gross until he took on the role of a rich bad-ass vampire husband who is willing to do anything to keep his family together and keep their (he has a wife, Claire…she’s gets into trouble sometimes…cause she’s killin’ people and suckin’ their blood) adopted daughter “Emily” safe. Then there’s the Hottie werewolf-ish beau of the teen succubus (she doesn’t know she’s a demon!..yet!), “Brett” played by Colton Haynes…he loses his clothes whenever he turns into a dog (usually happens when he gets mad or jealous and since he’s datin’ a succubus I predict a LOT of shirtless potential!)…proof: he loses his clothes twice in the pilot (first episode)…bam! Whether you tune in for the hotties or for the drama it’s worth an hour of your life…haha when I put it that way watching television almost sounds like a waste of time…hahahahahhahahahah…Seriously, just try it once (like crack..jk). Please.

Louie‘ has NO hotties but it does have really funny guys that some of you may find attractive over time. haha. I only watched it because some Idiot told me that Ricky Gervais wrote/produced it…Wrong! But, it turns out the guy who actually wrote/produced/and plays the title role of “Louie” is a really funny and talented (but not hot…the fact that I LOVE a show without  hotties proves that it’s Awesome…or  that it has nudity…I’m kidding!..about the nudity, not about the show being great) guy named Louis C.K. (he’s a comedian…aren’t we all? Kidding! That was a bad one…sorry) who is hilarious. I’m really glad that Idiot who shall not be named gave me the wrong information which lead me to ‘Louie’ (FX/Sunday nights…I think…I’m too lazy to actually check but I watched it tonight which is Sunday so there you go)…WARNING: There are a few jokes that could be deemed offensive  and one about having sex with animals that made me change the channel but other than that it is HILARIOUS!

PS. I will have my “FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 HOTTIE SPECTACULAR” posting(s) after the Final on July 11th…It will really be more like August before I get it to you because once the World Cup comes to a close this Bitch is prolly going into a pretty serious depression (I get sad just thinking about it)…I will fill everyone in on why this world cup sucks (that is a false statement. I’m just upset over the loses of Italy, Paraguay, Portugal, France and Brazil) and why I’m already counting down to the next one…in 2014.

‘Three Rivers’ is BACK…Sort of

5 Jun

Three Rivers‘ is the awful CBS (transplant hospital) drama that was canceled earlier this year. I’m not going to lie…it sucks…but it’s got Super Hottie Daniel Henney and Alex O’Loughlin (the Hottie from that  JLo movie ‘The Back-Up Plan’) so it’s bearable. I wouldn’t even have known that CBS decided to go ahead and air the remaining 3 episodes (since they were already taped and paid for…and it’s not like anyone’s watching CBS anyways) if it weren’t for the wonderful and amazing CASTTV.COM…they put a little green circle next to each “current TV show”…and I noticed that ‘Three Rivers’ had it’s green circle back! (it is a canceled series but since it has new episodes airing it gets the “current TV show” status).  If you are interested, you can watch it Saturday at 7:00PM/CT on CBS.