The List

Name (Last, First) Birth date Profession Additional Info
Figueras, Nacho 4-Mar-1977 Polo Player, Model
Picasso, Pablo 25-Oct-1881 Artist
Cannavaro, Fabio 13-Sep-73 Athlete Italy, Captain #5, Club: Juventus
Grosso, Fabio 28-Nov-77 Athlete Italy, #3, Club: ITA
Pirlo, Andrea 19-May-79 Athlete Italy, #21, AC Milan, father owns two iron works, wife Samantha Deborah, son Niccol
Bogle, Nathan 1974 Model, Designer Ex-model; founder of Rag&Bone
Ronaldo, Cristiano 5-Feb-85 Athlete
Santoro, Rodrigo 22-Aug-75 Actor/Model
Gregory, Parker 1987 Model Garnier guy
Bloom, Orlando 13-Jan-77 Actor
Dornan, Jamie 4-Jun-82 Actor/Singer Irish, in Walk the Line commercial, in Marie Antoinette
Fris, René 1973 Hair Stylist Shear Genius
Klint, Eddie 5-Dec-86 Model Prada guy, Copenhagen, was going to be a chef
Kutcher, Ashton 7-Feb-78 Actor
Bauder, Eugen 5-Mar-86 Model
Sinclair, Robyn Model Major Model Management
B, Andre Model Russian, crazy “Soviet,” A.M.S.M.
Pickel, Jeff Model Chicago, Engineering major, ADHD, modeled for Prada and Marlboro, A.M.S.M
Novak, Brett Model Florida, BA in Marketing, face of “Papi Underwear,” A.M.S.M.
Fellow, Eric Model
Sade, Tanc Jul-80 Actor “Finn” on Gilmore Girls
Spencer, Dante Model
Cooper, Andrew Model English
S, Daniel Model A.M.S.M., speaks Spanish, from New Jersey, Doctorate in Psych.
Grant, Cary 18-Jan-04 Actor
Stewart, James 20-May-08 Actor
D’Agosto, Nicholas 17-May-80 Actor Acted in The Office and Election, Cum Laude Marquette University, degree in History and Theater; from Omaha, Nebraska
Novak, BJ 31-Jul-79 Actor Season 4 w/ light, thin beard
Claywell, Brett Quillen 11-Apr-78 Actor 5’11”, North Carolina, graduated NC State U w/ degree in Architecture and minor in Theater, will star in a film titled Babysitter Wanted
Bana, Eric 9-Aug-68 Actor Leo
Alonso, Vinci Actor MTV’s 8th & Ocean
Harold, Gale 10-Jul-69 Actor Cancer
Tatum, Channing 26-Apr-80 Actor
Jackman, Hugh 12-Oct-68 Actor
Walker, Paul 12-Sep-73 Actor
Hunnam, Charlie Matthew 10-Apr-80 Actor Aries
Duhmel, Josh 14-Nov-72 Actor
Cibrian, Eddie 18-Jun-73 Actor
Christensen, Hayden 19-Apr-81 Actor
Windler, Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis 21-Jun-82 Prince
Hudson, Oliver 7-Sep-76 Actor
Flowers, Brandon 21-Jun-81 Musician
Bennett, Jonathan 10-Jun-81 Actor Aaron Samuels, Mean Girls
Cavill, Henry 5-May-83 Actor Melot, Tristan & Isolde
Farrell, Colin 31-May-76 Actor
Consuelos, Mark 30-Mar-71 Actor Kelly Ripa’s husband
Huntley, Noah 7-Sep-74 Actor Adult Peter, Chronicles; black scorpion tattoo
Butler, Gerard 13-Nov-69 Actor 300
Shenkenberg, Marcus 4-Aug-68 Model
Niarchos, Stavros 17-Apr-85 Heir
Welling, Tom 29-Apr-77 Actor
Samberg, Andy 18-Aug-78 Actor
Franco, James 19-Apr-78 Actor
Hedlund, Garrett 3-Sep-84 Actor
Ventimiglia, Milo 8-Jul-77 Actor
Miller, Wentworth 2-Jun-72 Actor
Meyers, Seth 28-Dec-73 Actor
Reynolds, Ryan 23-Oct-76 Actor
Geiger, Teddy 16-Sep-88 Musician
Barker, Nigel 27-Apr-72 Model, Photographer
Theroux, Justin 10-Aug-71 Actor
Beckford, Tyson 19-Dec-70 Model
Thorpe, Ian 13-Oct-82 Athlete
Fox, Matthew 14-Jul-66 Actor
Gellman, Yani 2-Sep-85 Actor
Ullman, Ricky “Raviv” 24-Jan-86 Actor
Ruffalo, Mark 22-Nov-67 Actor
Moretti, Fabrizio 2-Jun-80 Musician The Strokes drummer
Evans, Chris 13-Jun-81 Actor
Olsen, Eric Christian 31-May-77 Actor
Padalecki, Jared 19-Jul-82 Actor House of Wax and Gilmore Girls
Copon, Michael 13-Nov-82 Actor All You’ve Got
Pardue, Kip 23-Sep-75 Actor
Hartley, Justin 29-Jan-77 Actor Fox Crane, Passions
Toni, Luca 26-May-77 Athlete Italy, Forward #9, Club: Fiorentina, 6’4″
Del Piero, Alessandro 9-Nov-74 Athlete Italy, #7
Gilardino, Alberto 5-Jul-82 Athlete Italy, Forward #11, Club: AC Milan
Beckham, David 7-May-75 Athlete England, Midfielder #7, Club: Real Madrid
Bocanegra, Carlos 25-May-79 Athlete UIA, Defender #3
Ljungberg, Freddie 16-Apr-77 Athlete Sweden, Midfielder #9
Coltori, Fabio 3-Dec-80 Athlete Switzerland, Keeper #21
Van Bronckhoret, Giovanni 5-Feb-75 Athlete Netherland, Defender #5
Henry, Thierny 17-Aug-77 Athlete France #12, Club: Arsenal
Zidane, Zinedine 23-Jun-72 Athlete France #10
Valente, Nuno 12-Sep-74 Athlete Portugal #14
Figo, Luis 4-Nov-72 Athlete Portugal, Captain #7
Badilla, Gabriel 30-Jun-84 Athlete Costa Rica, Defender #17
Cherundolo, Steve 19-Feb-79 Athlete UIA, Defender
Neil, Lucus 9-Mar-78 Athlete Australia, Defender #2
Cole, Joe 8-Nov-81 Athlete England, Midfielder #11, Club: Chelsea FC #10
Shovkovskyi, Aleksandr 2-Jan-75 Athlete Ukraine, Keeper #1
Barzagli, Andrea 8-May-81 Athlete Italy, Defender #6
Sandler, Adam 9-Sep-66 Actor
Brody, Adam 15-Dec-79 Actor
Owen, Clive 3-Oct-62 Actor “Fuck off and die!”
Everett, Rupert 29-May-59 Actor Gay
Goode, Matthew 3-Apr-78 Actor
Schaech, Jonathan 10-Sep-69 Actor
Clooney, George 6-May-61 Actor
McConaughey, Matthew 4-Nov-69 Actor
Norton, Edward 18-Aug-69 Actor
Cool J, LL 14-Jan-68 Actor, Musician
Mortensen, Viggo 20-Oct-58 Actor
Eckhart, Aaron 12-Mar-68 Actor
Ritter, Tyson 24-Apr-84 Musician Dork
Shriver, Tim 29-Aug-59 CEO Special Olympics
Knoxville, Johnny 11-Mar-71 Actor
Hernandez, Jay 20-Feb-78 Actor
Davis, Matthew 8-May-78 Actor “Legally Blonde”
Craig, Daniel 2-Mar-68 Actor
Osbourne, Ozzy 3-Dec-48 Musician 60s-70s
Lachey, Nick 9-Nov-73 Musician
Timberlake, Justin 31-Jan-81 Musician
Lucas, Josh 20-Jun-71 Actor
Bale, Christian 30-Jan-74 Actor
Garcia Bernal, Gael 30-Nov-78 Actor
Luna, Diego 29-Dec-79 Actor
Marsden, James 18-Sep-73 Actor X-Men 1,2 & 3
Dallas, Matt 21-Oct-82 Actor Kyle XY, gay?
Hartnett, Josh 21-Jul-78 Actor
Metcalfe, Jesse 9-Dec-78 Actor Hottie, but dorky
Depp, Johnny 9-Jun-63 Actor
Damon, Matt 8-Oct-70 Actor
Brosnan, Pierce 16-May-53 Actor
Faris, Sean 25-Mar-82 Actor Dennis Quaid’s son in Yours, Mine and Ours
Poupaud, Melvil 26-Jan-73 Actor Time to Leave, born in Paris
Mitchell, Michael 1983 Actor Owen from Phil of the Future, Derek from Invasion
Chatwin, Justin 31-Oct-82 Actor Son in War of the Worlds, Canadian
Wilson, Adrian 19-Dec Actor Chris Boothe on Passions
Gering, Galen 13-Feb-71 Actor Luis on Passions
Grotto, Andy Correspondent CNN
Lhermitte, Thierry 24-Nov-52 Actor Le Divorce, Uncle Edgar
Nichols, Austin 24-Apr-80 Actor “Justin look-alike,” Glory Road, The Day After Tomorrow; From Wimbledon, Day After Tomorrow, and Glory Road; Grew up in Austin, Tx and went to CA at the age of 18; graduated from USC in 2002 with a B.A. in creative writing; 6’2″
Novak, Kayvan 23-Nov-78 Actor Arash in Syriana
Fimmel, Travis 15-Jul-79 Model, Actor WB’s Tarzan, Calvin Klein model
Duchovny, David 7-Aug-60 Actor X-Files, started acting at 26-27 (?)
Cooper, Anderson 3-Jun-67 Correspondent
Blue, Callum 19-Aug-77 Actor Mason on Dead Like Me
Straight, Steven 23-Mar-86 Actor Warren Peace on Sky High, The Covenant
Legavre, Matthieu TV Personality 101 Incredible Celebrity Slim Downs
Nashif, Kais Actor Paradise Now
DeRosa, Mark Firefighter 22, from Staten Island
Strik, Reshad 22-Jun-81 Actor Sexy guy in Jessica Simpson’s A Public Affair video
Webster, Victor 7-Feb-73 Actor Bringing Down the House, asshole boyfriend in Dirty Love
Meier, Christian 23-Jun-70 Actor La Mujer de Mi Hermano
Jenner, Brody 21-Aug-83 Reality Star Hot, Hot, Hot
Martinez, Olivier 12-Jan-66 Actor French
Philip, Prince Carl 13-May-79 Prince Prince of Sweden
Pardew, Alan 18-Jul-61 Manager West Ham United
Voll, Rich Actor Brittany Gastineau’s boyfriend, Mandy Moore’s fiance on Entourage Season 2 Episode 10
Rodriguez, Adam 2-Apr-75 Actor CSI:Miami, 3/4 Puerto Rican 1/4 Cuban, was a stock broker, owns a house in Puerto Rico, born in New York
Lanter, Matt 1-Apr-83 Actor Born in Massillon, Ohio; Hottie cheerleader boyfriend on Heroes, likes golf, went to community college for two years, then attended University of Georgia until May 2005
Coster-Waldau, Nikolaj 27-Jul-70 Actor Dieter Prohlt in Wimbledon, broke off engagement to Claire Oswalt thus ending their seven-year relationship,
Sisto, Jeremy 6-Oct-74 Actor Elton in Clueless
Ramamurthy, Sendhil 17-May-74 Actor Heroes – guy whose dad  was murdered – tan!
Marshall-Green, Logan 1-Nov-76 Actor Lieutenant Colvin (hottie) The Great Raid; 6’5″
Cabrera, Santiago 5-May-78 Actor Heroes hottie artist; originally wanted to be a soccer player; from Santiago, Chile; commutes from L.A. to London; fluent in Spanish, English, Italian, and French; movies include Haven starring Orlando Bloom, Love and Other Disasters with Brittany Murphy, and Goal!2 Living the Dream and Goal!3
Minghella, Max 16-Sep-85 Actor Syriana and Bee Season; Jerome from Art School Confidential
Bergin, Michael 18-Mar-69 Actor Jackass; wrote a book about his relationship with Caroline Basset Kenedy
Paisley, Brad 28-Oct-72 Musician Country singer; married to the bitch from Father of the Bride
Pasdar, Adrian 30-Apr-65 Actor Nathan Petrelli on Heroes; married to Natalie Maines
Fiennes, Joseph 27-May-70 Actor Shakespeare in Love
Stone, Curtis 4-Nov-75 TV Personality Take Home Chef
Keough, Shane 11-Sep-86 Reality Star Son of Jeana Keough
Lipp, Evan JJP, Austin, Julie’s gym
Colletti, Stephen 7-Feb-86 Reality Star Laguna Beach
Huffman, Maven 26-Nov-76 Pro Wrestler Surreal Life
Frye, Seth Reality Star Jerry Hall’s Kept man
Sowan, Stephen 17-Nov-83 Actor (listed as “Stephen Robert Swan” on p16
Kvasnicka, Justin
Saab, Tarek 24-Sep-78 Reality Star The Apprentice, Season 4
Casablancas, Julian 23-Aug-78 Musician “Spoiled, bratty, entitled, tantrum-throwing singer of The Strokes” -GQ
Neff, Eric Fucking beautiful; with a plain girl – skinny, huge boobs, long brown hair, could’ve been his twin sister; he was driving the new version of Explorer Sport
Somerhalder, Ian 8-Dec-78 Actor Sexy guy from Pulse
Wilcox, Wayne 11-Dec-78 Actor Marty from Gilmore Girls
Olivero, Chris 15-Oct-84 Actor Plays Declan on Kyle XY; from California
Simmons, Nick 22-Jan-89 Celebuspawn Gene Simmons’s son; he’s tall, Jewish; like his fashion sense; ok, too young!
Simmons, Gene 25-Aug-49 Musician His personality is very sexy
Lauer, Matt 30-Dec-57 Correspondent NBC Today Show
Martin, Ricky 24-Dec-71 Musician
Theo Reality Star MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat
Cassidy, Michael 20-Mar-83 Actor Dylan West in Zoom; from Portland, Oregon
Zeger, Kevin 19-Sep-84 Actor Conner in Zoom; from Woodstock, Canada
Efron, Zac 18-Oct-87 Actor
Robinson, Nick Model NYC – Ford; 6′, blue eyes, dark brown hair
Wiser, Aric Model NYC – Ford; 6′, brown eyes, brown hair
Trenova, Bekim Model NYC – Ford; 6′, hazel eyes, brown hair
Quevenne, Julien Model NYC – Ford; 6’5″, blue/green eyes, brown hair
Carlson, Lane Model NYC – Ford; 5’11”, blue eyes, light brown hair
Figueras, Nacho Model NYC – Ford; 6’1″, brown eyes, brown hair
Koechlin, Peter Model NYC – Ford; 6’5″, hazel eyes, brown hair
Lazzini, Rafael Model NYC – Ford; 6’2″, green eyes, brown hair
Murray, Steve Model NYC – Ford; 6’2″, hazel eyes, light brown hair
Stellatos, Gregory Model NYC – Ford
De Lent, Mick Model NYC – Ford
Lebson, Andrew Model NYC – Ford
Monzon, Christian Model Chicago – Ford; Pamela Anderson’s ex
Sotos, Constantine Model Chicago – Ford
Straight, George 18-May-52 Musician Country music star and sexy legend
Machado, Vinicius 12-Jul-82 Actor Faymen Porchin on Ned’s Declassified
Gracie, Daniel Martial Artist IFL
Calderon, JP 5-Sep-75 Model Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency
LaBeouf, Shia 11-Jun-86 Actor Even Stevens, Disturbia, Bobby, Holes, Transformers
Greenwood, Bruce 12-Aug-56 Actor Sexy asshole husband from Double Jeopardy and Déjà Vu
Washington, Denzel 28-Dec-54 Actor
Patrick, Kyle Musician Lead vocals, rhythm guitar for The Click 5
Oldman, Gary 21-Mar-58 Actor Sirius Black, Harry Potter
Benigni, Roberto 27-Oct-52 Director, Actor La Vita E Bella, The Tiger and the Snow; married to Nicoletta Braschi
Beemer, Brandon 27-Feb-80 Actor Shawn Brady, Days of Our Lives (see also “Jason Cook” p16)
Peck, Austin 9-Apr-71 Actor Austin Reed, Days of Our Lives; married, 2 children; looks like Justin, involved in youth ministries
Winter, Eric 17-Jul-76 Actor Rex Brady, Days of Our Lives (alien twin); UCLA grad, degree in Psychology
Ackles, Jensen 1-Mar-78 Actor Went to Berkner and Apollo; from Dallas
Muldoon, Patrick 27-Sep-68 Actor Days of Our Lives; Jeff, the dude Kelly left Zack for
Black, Jeremy Realtor Flip This House: New Haven
Krasinski, John 20-Oct-79 Actor Jim, The Office
Friend, Rupert 1-Oct-81 Actor Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont
McAvoy, James Andrew 21-Apr-79 Actor Mr. Tumnus, The Chronicles of Narnia; 5′ 7″; from Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Lamas, AJ 19-Dec-83 Actor Looks like Steve
Andre, Peter 27-Feb-73 Musician
Compston, Martin 8-May-84 Actor Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Sweet Sixteen
Haskell, Neil 16-Apr-87 Dancer So You Think You Can Dance
Pegg, Simon 14-Feb-70 Actor Hot personality
Frost, Nick 28-Mar-72 Actor Hot personality
Strathairn, David 26-Jan-49 Actor 6′; Home for the Holidays
Scarmarcio, Riccardo 13-Nov-79 Actor 5″10″; Andria, Bari, Puglia, Italy; mother Irene was a painter
Lewis, Jeff 24-Mar-70 Realtor Flipping Out; love of my life, he’s wacko!
Fehr, Oded 23-Nov-70 Actor Tel Aviv, Israel; served in the Israeli military; married, two children; detests guns; favorite book To Kill a Mockingbird; in The Mummy
Smith, Gregory 6-Jul-83 Actor Canadian; The Seeker; Everwood
Day, Jason 8-Jul-85 Actor
Murciano, Enrique 9-Jul-73 Actor
Perez, Walter 12-Jul-82 Actor
Pattinson, Robert 13-May-86 Actor Twilight
Buñuel, Luis 22-Feb-00 Director
Rhines, Houston 25-Mar-80 Actor Hottie from Kelly Clarkson’s “Never Again” video
Kaladze, Kakha 27-Feb-78 Athlete #4 from AC Milan
Sanchez, Rick 3-Jul-58 Correspondent CNN
De La Hoya, Oscar 4-Feb-78 Boxer
Togo, Jonathan Frederick 25-Aug-77 Actor Ryan on CSI:Miami; Vassar grad; Jewish; used to be in a band; mother is Italian and Irish, father is Ukranian and Jewish
Oddo, Massimo 14-Jun-76 Athlete AC Milan
Gourcuff, Yoann 11-Jul-86 Athlete AC Milan
Rensing, Michael 14-May-84 Athlete Hottie goalie for Bayern Munich
Ottl, Andreas 1-Mar-85 Athlete Bayern Munich
Lahm, Philipp 11-Nov-83 Athlete #21 Bayern Munich
Page, Sam 5-Nov-76 Actor Jeff Marshall on CSI:Miami “Prey”
Cook, Jason 13-Sep-80 Actor Shawn Brady, Days of Our Lives (see also “Brandon Beemer” p13)
Mazo, Alec Dancer Kelly Monaco’s partner on season one of Dancing with the Stars
Johns, Daniel 22-Apr-79 Musician Frontman for Australian band Silverchair; married to Natalie Imbruglia
Lowenstein, Evan and Jaron 18-Mar-74 Musician Identical twins
Resende, André Model Black hair, blue eyes;
Beis, Antonios Model
Trenthal, Brandon Model
Mitrotti, Ciro Model
Costa, Davi Model
Marabini, Goncalo Model
Rozalinskis, Imants Model
Feitsma, Julian Model
Giglio, Leonardo Model
Casares, Nacho Model
Blumenthal, Renzo Model
Soares, Rodrigo Model
Vrierde, Tyrone Model
Foster, William Model
Durandez, Adrian Model
Harrison, Bret 6-Apr-82 Actor Sam on Reaper
Labine, Tyler 30-Apr-78 Actor Bert “Sock” Wysocki on Reaper
Gonzalez, Rick 30-Jun-79 Actor Ben on Reaper
Wise, Ray 20-Aug-47 Actor The Devil (show-only) on Reaper
Hammer, Armie 28-Aug-86 Actor Morgan on Reaper; Gabriel on Gossip Girl
Marino, Ken 19-Dec-68 Actor Tony (Deamon) on Reaper
Ballou, Tyson 14-Nov-76 Model B/B; 6’2″
Kennedy, Ryan Model B/blue/green; 6’1″
Marciniak, Philip Model Brown/blue/green; 6’1″
Vanderloo, Mark Model From the Netherlands
Becker, Sergio Model Ford Models: Brasil (Sao Paulo)
Saffman, Sam Model Ford Models: Brasil (Rio de Janeiro)
Giineysu, Recep Model Ford Models: Ford/Robert Black Arizona
Osborn, Michael Model Ford Models: San Francisco
Hirdt, Dennis Model Ford Models: Miami
Cristiano Model Ford Models: Los Angeles
Duerre, Christian Model Ford Models: Chicago
Brooke, David Model IMG
Mitchell, Danny Model IMG
Taylor, Casey Model IMG
Hill, Ben Model IMG
Flinker, Andrei Model IMG
Pappes, Alex Model IMG
Geite, Andis Model IMG
Boccaletti, Andre Model 212 Men; 6’2″
Meisel, Steven Model
Vanderperre, Willy Model
Roversi, Paolo Model
Klein, Steven Model
Steuart, Owen Model Canadian, ex-swimmer
Prades, Louis Model French
Davoli, Andrew 2-Sep-73 Actor Welcome to Collinwood; 5’11”; has family in Rome
Strong, Mark Aug-63 Actor Septimus in Stardust (bald)
Stahl-David, Michael 27-Aug-82 Actor Hottie who’s moving to Japan in Cloverfield; born in Chicago
Greenspan, Alan 6-Mar-26 Economist
Cox, Charlie 15-Dec-82 Actor Tristian in Stardust
Edwards, John 10-Jun-53 Politician
Crawford, Chace 18-Jul-85 Actor Gossip Girl
Badgley, Penn 1-Nov-86 Actor Gossip Girl
Emmich, Val 1979 Actor Jamie (the coffee guy that Frank went gay for) on 30 Rock
Vogel, Mike 17-Jul-79 Actor
Chiocca, Michael
Ullman, Perry Waiter Make Me a Supermodel; 22; has a girlfriend; from Arizona
Hardy, Tom 15-Sep-77 Actor Thomas Edward Hardy; born in London, England; sounds kind of Scottish or Irish; 5’11”; divorced; has tattoos and crazy teeth, but he hot – Gucci hot!
Pace, Lee 25-Mar-79 Actor Pushing Daisies
Veloso, Miguel 11-May-86 Athlete Portugal, #24; 5’11”; worth 19.8 million pounds
Moore, Trevor 3-Apr-80 Actor The Whitest Kids You Know
Cregger, Zach 1-Mar-81 Actor The Whitest Kids You Know
Harrison, Bret 6-Apr-82 Musician In a band called Big Japan (see p17)
Leon, Adam Org. Turkey – he stole a plane in Canada, landed in Missouri; April 7, 2009
Edwards, Trent 30-Oct-83 Athlete
McBride, Danny 29-Dec-76 Actor
Huston, Danny 14-May-62 Actor
Kitsch, Taylor 8-Apr-81 Actor
Henney, Daniel 28-Nov-79 Actor
Gibson, Charlie 9-Mar-43 Correspondent
Pocock, Tim 24-Oct-85 Actor
Fitoussi, Grégory 13-Aug-76 Actor
Lee, Byung-hun 12-Jul-70 Actor
Taghmaoui, Saïd 19-Jul-73 Actor
Wayans, Marlon 23-Jul-72 Actor
Milligan, Dustin 28-Jul-85 Actor
Trainor, Jerry 21-Jan-77 Actor
Rathbone, Jackson 21-Dec-84 Actor
Kagasoff, Daren 16-Sep-87 Actor
Cooper, Bradley 5-Jan-75 Actor He was hot in Kitchen Confidential
Sandvig, Jake 8-Sep-86 Actor He’s from California
Aweau, Kupono Dancer Hawaiian hottie from So You Think You Can Dance; it’s the only guy I’m following/like this season
Simmons, Russel 4-Oct-57 Mogul
Boykins, Earl DJ Rostam Batmanglij has a man crush on him
Rodriguez, Ramon Actor Hottie spaz from Transformers 2; Lupe from Surfer, Dude
Kalyan, Adhir 4-Aug-83 Actor Crazy funny
Rubio, Ricky 21-Oct-90 Athlete Spanish; number one pick for the 2009 NBA draft
Franchitti, Dario 19-May-73 Driver Scottish race car driver; of Italian descent; married to Ashley Judd
Harrington, Jay 15-Nov-71 Actor Plays Ted on ABC’s Better Off Ted
Marini, Gilles 26-Jan-76 Actor Dancing with the Stars hottie
De Conciliis, Marco Hottie dad on Trading Spouses
Munch, Edvard 12-Dec-1863 Artist
Lim, Phillip 3.0 Red Bell Boy Journal hottie; ready-to-wear 2008-10 (?); probably 2009 (?)
Abdalla, Khalid 1980 Actor Adult Amir in The Kite Runner
Muir, David 8-Nov-73 Correspondent
Westwick, Ed 27-Jun-87 Actor Chuck, Gossip Girl
Steines, Mark 7-Jun-64 Host Entertainment Tonight host hottie; channel 8; he’s the main sexy guy
Moore, Chad Actor Jason the Contractor, Unfabulous
Kelly, Tadhg 3-Oct-88 Actor Ben, the older bro, Unfabulous
Cousteau, Jr., Philippe 20-Jan-80
Cousteau, Fabien 1967 Oceanographer
Sanchez, Mark 11-Nov-86 Athlete The Jets new QB
Velencoso, Andres Model
Knezevic, Sasha Model
Mills, Noah Model
Dunn, Tommy Model
Fernandes, Fernando b. 1981 Model So Beautiful. Paralyzed from the waist down in a recent Car Accident. Pray for him everyday.

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